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What I Do

Ciera Nichele is a 2x published author. Ciera Nichele is working on her 3rd and 4th book concurrently. From Miss Seven to Mrs. Eight is Ciera Nichele’s long awaited 2nd fiction novel set to release late 2020.

Ciera Nichele (Dr. Ciera N. Hill) achieved her Doctorate in Business Administration. Dr. Hill uses her doctorate to aid in the longevity of multigenerational transfer and small business startups.

Starting Heavenly Brat, which was her first company over a decade ago, Ciera Nichele is a serial entrepreneur. Rolling Hills Media Group was added early 2020 as a media company to showcase local talent to the world.

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Lies of the Forgotten

Looking back into the past can be deadly. Sometimes what looks good is actually poison and not every lie is intended to be bad. London Jackson has to find out who she really before she loses her life. Fooled by the people closest to her she must find out the lies and truths of her past. Between a husband, lover and child that she never knew about she has to get answers fast before she loses her mind. Secrets unfold and lives are lost as she journeys down this rabbit hole to reclaim her life. Will she survive her past in order to gain a real future? Or will she stick with the existence that has come so easily to her? London has some big decisions to make for not only her well being but for her loved ones as well. For every choice she makes other life has to be lost.




I was engrossed from the first page and remained so until the very last word. I must be honest, I almost put the book down halfway through . Let’s just say I was less than thrilled, ok angry, with a couple of the characters, lol. I had to keep reading because I needed to know the ending to this cafarfulness (my word). The author ended the book in such a way that she can now write a prequel, sequel or inbetweenqual (my word). My only wish is that there was more to read. Money well spent.


In this story London has lost her memory after a terrible car accident. Her family takes care of her and she tries to remember her past. However she may wish she didn’t learn some of the things. While reading this story I was never bored and was always curious to learn about what will happen next. This story has an excellent mix of thriller, suspense and romance. I really enjoyed this story and can definitely recommend it.


It Has So Much Mystery and This book is amazing and so gripping. It has so much mystery and intrigue and I could not stop reading it. The characters are so well developed and perfect for this story. The story line is so compelling and really reached my soul. It is written wonderfully and I was held captive from start to finish. It is one of the best books I have ever read and I enjoyed it so much. I really hope there is a sequel, I want more! I truly loved this book. The author Ciera Nichele is brilliant with an amazing imagination and a true gift for writing. I strongly recommend this book to everyone. It’s an incredible read. You will not be disappointed.

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