So you’ve made it to my blog page! We have revamped a few things with the new website. I will be bringing back some of the old posts as well as a TON of new ones!!!! This go around we will post a bit of everything from my random thoughts to business tips. Also, these posts will be more often (yes, I know I have said this before but I mean it this time)!!

I may even post weekly!!

***takes deep breath, sips coffee, and says a small prayer***

Yeah, that’s a lot for me.

This blog will literally be a peek into my mind so bear with me if they don’t seem singular or specific. I will post poems, travel, gardening, favorite recipes, upcoming projects, etc. Oh and Coffee, I love my coffee so I will feature some of my favorite coffee spots here too!! I will attempt to organize these posts, but it probably won’t happen (just being honest). So, click the subscribe button so you can get an email alert when I decide to grace you all with my thoughts!

Anyway, stay awesome and welcome to the randomness of Ciera Nichele