1. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Enjoy life, love.
  2. Explore the world and yourself. Honestly, you really don’t know who the f*ck you are yet. Try new things, even if they scare you. Even if you think you might regret them, try. Trust me when I say it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  3. Piss a few people off. You cannot make everyone happy. Be you, authentically and unapologetically.
  4. Listen to your body, it is your best BS monitor. If it doesn’t feel right, then it ain’t right!
  5. Screw men. Boys or rather men will always be around. Find you first. Love you first. Then a man who loves you for you will come.
  6. Oh Invest in stocks, mutual funds, and real estate (rolling eyes).
  7. Budget better buuutttttt…. TREAT YO SELF, GIRL!!!!
  8. Eat good, drink your water, and mind the business that pays you.
  9. Dance often as if no one is looking.
  10. Smile more. And not because other tell you too, but because you are beautiful and your spirit radiates through that smile.
  11. Continue to pay homage for life and the blessings that it gives. Acknowledge the good and the bad. Be Present in the moment. It keeps you thankful and humble.