Life is funny you know. When we are children, we say what we want to be when we grow up. We have no worries. We’re barely touched by the world’s darkness. If we see the world to the optimistic innocence of our childhood eyes we would conquer the adult world without reserve.

Instead we fight the war within.

The war of logic and practicality versus creativity and freedom.

You see, little Ciera was filled with limitless wonder.

She didn’t have adulting on her daily to-do list.

Her only goal was to be happy.

So now, as an adult who’s day is filled with to-do list, what is an adult Ciera to do?

The war begins.

The war of me.

You see little Ciera fights to remind adult Ciera to live her truth, her freedom, her happiness.

Big Ciera fights to keep little Ciera alive.

Which will win?

For anyone can die, but living, well now that takes imagination.

Little Ciera is full of that imagination stuff.

So, instead of fighting one another they fight side by side, working together, combining the practical and the free spirit in the war of you.

Welcome to my warzone.