He was the devil. But is that so bad? You see some people play with their demons or ignore them. He accepts them, analyzes them, understands them, and uses them to his advantage. He reigns over his demons; he is the Master. I love that about him, always thinking, strategizing on how to wield them to him to do his bidding. Is it for fun or is there a greater purpose to his workings?

I fell in love with the devil. His understanding of himself and absolute self-awareness is captivating. My only fear is his awareness of me and my feelings or rather the fear that there will be an absence of affection for me. He and his legion may consume me.

I am like an ocean, mighty and deep enough to drown him or heal him. But how do you heal someone who feels they are not hurt or broken? He maybe the master of his demons but I see a mutiny on the rise. They will consume him. Where do I fit in this tale masked as Hades and Persephone? The great Goddess Kore lost her shit and Hades allowed her to be her true self. He would encourage her to burn down Rome or at least beg her permission to do it himself in her honor. She is all powerful and yet so powerless when it comes to her affliction which some may refer to as love for him. Funny how the Queen is the most powerful chess piece but still bows to the King.

Would this dilemma be easier if she was weak and naïve unaware of the commanding force within her? Does she even want to fix him? I think she like the power. Commander of the Master who rules his demons. Simple silence when agitated or explosion of emotion when he touches the wrong nerve and he wants to fix whatever is wrong between them or eliminate whoever has wronged her. She is aware of her power but rarely uses it. Secretly, she wants him to burn down Rome with all of her past lovers and the nonbelievers of her cause. She wants to let him loose on the world and smile as he does what he enjoys. She wants to give him pure pleasure. But at what cost? Can she reign him back in after? Will he forever be lost to the fire he created when he torched all that opposed and offended his Queen?

Most wars in the old days started over a woman or a man’s pride. The victor is usual the more tactical, vindictive, and soulless; the one willing to sacrifice all for the cause. He would win, it’d be a slaughter. She could bath in the blood of those that oppose her by night fall. But can I heal the man that remains after warfare is over? Can I wash away the tormenting dreams and trauma of the battle field with repetitive tides from the Pacific or Atlantic? Can I be the new Master of his delinquent multitude when he is no longer able to reign in power? Or will the Devil and his Queen just want more blood?