Confession time…

I put off my Blue Belt test for Muay Thai out of pure fear.

Yes, Ciera gets scared.

So, simply I was scared of 20 military-style pushups.

The only problem is it was actually 25 military-style when it came down to test day.

Yes, Ciera miscounted.


But anyway, so I put off my test from my Birthday (July 18th) until August 18th, yes a whole month.

I could have been a Blue Belt since July but fear got in the way.

Ha, fear, seems silly now.

Fear was an excuse. The excuse to delay and no pursue. The excuse not to fully commit and train.

Funny thing is when It came to the push up (due to proper preparation) I killed them with no problem!


Anyway, so the pushups went like this:

As I set up I hear my Sensei say ready? I nodded.

“Okay, 1… hold… 2… hold… 3… hold… 5… hold… 10… hold… 15… hold…” He counted one by one.

“Wait I’m not tired yet?!?! myself Yeah I got this!!!”

“20 hold… 21… hold… 23… hold… 24… hold…. 25!!!!!”  I heard my classmates scream.


I couldn’t believe it! I actually did it!!! Blue, Baby!!!!


Takeaways for my next belt (purple):

  • My Sensei always says, “Goals we plan (set) are goals we meet,” So I plan on being a purple belt by the second week in November of this year (2020).
  • I need to practice my kicks. They were trash and I had to repeat them for my test. I began getting winded and my accuracy was off on some.
  • CARDIO!! Yes, the forbidden evil that I hate.
  • Keep practicing my pushups.
  • Don’t let fear cause me to put off the things I want in life.


Fear paralyzes us, time will continue with or without us meeting our goals.


Oh!! P.S. check out the pictures and videos from the test!!!


Love ya and Laters!!!