Actually, yesterday was National Coffee Day! Some may say it was like Ciera Nichele’s second Birthday! So yesterday, I took Instagram (@cieranichele) and posted a crap ton of my favorite coffee shops. I love coffee; so, in honor of my slight coffee obsession, I will list a few of my unforgettable coffee shops right here on my blog! Now some of these places I traveled to and most are right in South Florida.

  1. Circle House (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (Black-Owned)
  2. Ella Cafe (Plantation, FL)
  3. Modern Rose (Deerfield Beach, FL)
  4. Subculture (Delray Beach, FL)
  5. The Intercontinental in Lisbon, Portugal (Order a latte)
  6. Brew Next Door (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  7. The Seed (Boca Raton, FL)
  8. Any Cafe in Morocco (order a Nos Nos, it’ll change your life) Though, I have heard you can make it yourself or buy it in the states. Morocco was just the place I had my mind blown and the introduction to the Nos Nos happened. We will talk more about my Moroccan escapades in a later blog post.
  9. Black Panther Coffee (Miami)
  10. Brew and Foam (Hawaii) Oh, order the Japanese Cheesecake with your latte! Thank me later.
  11. City Perks Coffee (St. Augustine, FL)

Now, this is just a small list. I drink coffee everywhere I go, so this list will grow in time. Check them out! Add some of your faves in the comments so I can try them out!

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